The Milan Experiment

Imagination make us human beings

The Milan Experiment reflects on the boundaries between technology and human communication, asserting the uniqueness of direct communication between human beings.  Our Imaginometer is an industrial cleanroom, where we will investigate the imagination of our visitors, admitted one at a time.

A musical automaton will create a unique soundscape in real time, and the visitor will perceive it  through a bone conduction headphone; this feeling of physical perception of sound will accompany him/her during the stay in the heart of our instrument, the Performative Machine.

Five performers will interact with the visitor for two minutes, triggered by an Imaginogenic act unknown to them until just before the performance.  Each performance will therefore be unique and non-repeatable, placing the visitor and the performers in the same condition: the unexpected.

In the core of our Imaginometer, we will share with our visitor the first principle of Imaginometrics:  Imagination only exists  through human interaction.  The visitor’s individual imagination will interact with the everchanging imagination of our performers, following the second principle of Imaginometrics: Imagination increases by reflecting itself.

A unique code will also enable each visitor to stream a memory of the experiment from our website, witnessing the third principle of Imaginometrics: Imagination can only be recreated