Our History

Following the Prague Quadriennal call forУЕnew concepts, experiments, discoveries, utopias and records of the invisible and fantastic interior world of human imaginationФ, the Imaginometric Society has been established in January 2018 .

Fellows blended different fields of interest and backgrounds in a common goal: investigate and detect human imagination.

We intentionally banned ourselves from the use of any image, in order to better research images generating process. Once focused on visitor’s imagination, we naturally broaded the research field to data sonification. In March 2018, a consistent group of Sonic Fellows joined the Society.

In the next months, starting from the main polarities exoskeleton/endoskeleton and transparency/opacity, we designed our Imaginometer. Winter 2018 and first month of 2019 have been devoted to build and test the structure of our Performative Machine, the core of our instrument.

Finally, on may 17th., 2019 we were able to test-run all the connections of our experiment, getting ready to share our findings with the vibrant creative energy of the Prague Quadriennal.

The Team