The IMAGINOMETRIC SOCIETY is proud to share with all PQ19’s participants and visitors its PRAGUE EXPERIMENT.

By establishing a new science, Imaginometrics, our PRAGUE EXPERIMENT will be able to detect and measure visitor’s imagination. To fulfill this impossible task, we had to conceive a new scientific tool: the Imaginometer.

In the core of our instrumentwe will share with our visitors the first principle of Imaginometrics: Imagination can only happen through relationship between human beings.

Visitors will be able to observe Imaginometer’s functioning, contribute to shape it, or be fully engaged in our experiment, living a personalized experience.

Trough bone conductions headphones, each visitor will be able to explore a unique soundscape, containing several layers. Sonification of biometric parameters will be combined to sonification of the huge creative energy produced by the Quadriennal, as sampled by our Human Data Recorders.

Visitors individual imagination will interact with the everchanging imagination of our performers, following the second principle of Imaginometrics: Imagination increases by reflecting itself.

Each act of the Imaginometer will be unique and non-repeatable, but visitors will be able to access a memory of the experiment, witnessing the third principle of Imaginometrics: Imagination can only be recreated.